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AnaK (2019)

Anak (2019)

Anak (2019)

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(Adapted from Lynn Dresel's 'Anak') 

A young boy is locked home by his mother and spends his days in isolation, dreaming of the outside world. His love for his mother keeps him from escaping, until he realises that there is a better life for him out there.


Hans Ryan as Young Boy

Masdiana Jumaat as Mother


Director: Angeline Hendrata

Producer: Angeline Hendrata

Screenwriter: Angeline Hendrata

1st AD: Ang Zheng Xiang

Director of Photography: Nabillah Hamidah

Production Designer: Mindy Chin

Location Sound Recordist: Laurelle Theo

1st Camera Assitant: Batrisyia Hazrin

Editor: Angeline Hendrata

Sound Post: Angeline Hendrata

Colorist: Angeline Hendrata

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