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The broken branch (2019)

This video has been deleted.
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Ali, an 8 year old boy is escaping chemically infected beings with his older brother, Aamir.  They find themselves stuck in an abandoned house in a forest. Aamir gets bitten by an infected being and Ali is now bound to take commands of the survival. How can Ali, an 8 year old boy, manage to keep him and his brother alive in such a situation?

The film exploresthe journey of brotherhood overcoming fears and stepping out of comfort zones.


Sheikh Mohammed Hannan as Ali

Hazim Zaini as Aamir


Director: Gauraangi Chopra

Producer: Rahul P. G.

Screenwriter: Younes Mokhtari

Director of Photography: Angeline Hendrata

Gaffer: Ang Zheng Xiang

Production Designer: Sera Joy Wee

Editor: Mindy Chin

Colorist: Tan Jit Jenn

Sound Supervisor: Gauraangi Chopra, Marcus Lee

Location Sound Recordist: Marcus Lee

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