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God's call (2020)

This video has been deleted.
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Luke confides to his friends about Father Joseph - the local priest touching him inappropriately, the group of friends set out to have the priest’s misdeeds discovered. To do so, John and Gabe devise a plan: they prank Father Joseph into believing that God is texting him, and once that is covered, they instruct him to do the worst of things unto others — in a bid to expose him. However, to their dismay, their plans always work in favour of the priest.


Jack Hyde as Father Joseph

Shrujay Rammakannan as Luke

Jean Oeloff Huisamen as John

Danielle Huisamen as Gabrielle


Director: Mindy Chin

Producer: Tasha Budiman

Screenwriter: Angeline Tomara

Director of Photography: Angeline Hendrata

Gaffer: Ang Zheng Xiang

Production Designer: Angeline Tomara

Art Director: Oscar Larrea

Editor: Syaza Agape

Colorist: Angeline Hendrata

Sound Supervisor: Marcus Lee

Location Sound Recordist: Marcus Lee

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