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Where we sleep at night (2019)

This video has been deleted.
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(Adapted from “Prodigal” by Jerrold Yam) 

After having to hide from her parents fighting yet again, a young girl bears another sleepless night alone with hopes for a chance to escape her measly reality, even if only for a little while.


Driven by the desire, she then finds herself outside in a charming adventure into the night.


Accompanied by the city lights and nightly ambience, she wanders out in search of solitude- and a new place to sleep.


However, before she puts an end to the night, she comes across an unlikely stranger who acknowledges her presence. The two share the night in silence and solace, before having to come back to reality.


Sienna Ching as Young Girl

Victoria Chen as Stranger


Director: Kaizerin L. Tanzil

Producer: Kaizerin L. Tanzil

Screenwriter: Kaizerin L. Tanzil

1st AD: Ang Zheng Xiang

Director of Photography: Angeline Hendrata

1st Camera Assitant: Kimberly Lium

Location Sound Recordist: Laurelle Theo

Editor: Kaizerin L. Tanzil

Sound Post: Kaizerin L. Tanzil

Colorist: Angeline Hendrata

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